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    BOARD TO BOARD, in particular, is recognized for its high reliability with various positions and height grade from 0.50MM PITCH to 2.54MM PITCH. Just with BOARD TO BOARD CONNECTOR especially, POCONS owns two patents for new device and makes application for three patents. POCONS is going to share such a technological trust with the customers.

    To make a second leap in 2006, POCONS moved to Suwon industrial complex in September and prepared a new base of a growth engine to innovate technologies regarding molding, stamping, total system of assembly and processes for assembling handsets. This is POCONS promise to the customers that the company will make a second leap based on a new concept, new technologies and new development system. 

    On such a foundation, POCONS will swiftly cope with the time limit for delivery and materialize high quality. The company also will grow into a top connector maker using a system of a room to develop professional human resources, endless development of products using upward-type organizational culture and the best quality as a stepping stone of new growth.

    In terms of marketing line also, POCONS will approach to the customers with its sincerity and professionalism. POCONS will do its best to become a firm for customers through making unstinted investments for innovation of eternal product line and R&D and to grow with the customers all the time. 

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